Dotty Bag XL


Want to relax, or take a nap by the pool, on the terrace, in the veranda or in your living room? The DOTTY Bag XL is the most imposing element of the DOTTY collection, recognised for the comfort and quality of its seats. This giant cushion/pouf with exceptional dimensions of 140cm by 210cm has many advantages:

– It has no metallic structure, no sharp or hard angles.

– This giant pouf can be used both in a lying position, but also in a position on the so-called armchair side, so you can comfortably sit in 2.

– Thanks to its welcoming shape, the DOTTY Bag XL conforms to the shape of your body, allowing everyone to find their comfort.

– Made with a finely woven, water and UV resistant, 100% polypropylene fabric, the DOTTY Bag XL is weather resistant, and does not fear the sun or the rain.

– Its cleaning is child’s play! Thanks to its thick and strong Flemish textile, it is enough to pass it with a garden hose or Karcher. This DOTTY Bag XL is also permeable, which allows water to flow through the fabric without changing its structure.

– The DOTTY Bag XL is ideal for indoors and outdoors.

– Want to leaf through a magazine, or take a nap in the shade of a tree? Move your DOTTY bag and enjoy your moment of relaxation wherever you want.

– And if you’d rather take the opportunity to sunbathe in the swimming pool and let yourself be rocked to the whim of the waves, then sit on the water! Because yes, the Dotty Bag XL, like the other pieces in this collection, floats on water.

– Made in Belgium with great care, it will seduce you with its relaxed and warm character.



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