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100% eco-friendly and durable product, EcoFurn EcoChair is made of solid wood and rope only, without any plastic, glue or metal parts. Made in Sweden where it was born, this armchair has always been used in Scandinavia and acclaimed for its comfort and ecological qualities. The hemp rope is used to tie the pieces of wood that make up the chair and gives it its flexibility. The absence of fixed fixings gives the wooden pieces the flexibility that allows you to sit comfortably whatever your figure. EcoChair adapts to each of us! You don’t just sit in the EcoChair, you have a whole new experience. Moreover, you can place the chair on an uneven surface (rocky yard, uneven garden, etc.) and it will find its balance. EcoChair is designed for indoor and outdoor use, depending on the type of wood and the finish. Properly cared for, this chair is a long-lasting companion. In winter, you can store it easily, it does not take up space once dismantled. For even more comfort, opt for the linen headrest.


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